SEL Initiative 2022-2023

Updated October 17, 2022.

Set the SEL Stage at Your OST Program

This month we launched the very first cohort of the Prime Time SEL Initiative (SELI), drawing on the lessons learned from the Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI) on best practices in implementing social emotional learning (SEL) in out-of-school time spaces.

The four participating sites in the 2022-2023 yearlong cohort pilot are Adopt a Family, Greenacres Afterschool, Guatemalan Mayan Center South Grade and Hope Centennial Afterschool. At the pre-launch SEL Leadership session in September, cohort OST Directors and key staff explored SEL best practice based on PSELI RAND findings, received peer mentoring from Diamond View Afterschool Director based on his PSELI experiences in 7 to 7 SEL implementation and spent time planning their site goals for the year.   Approximately 25 OST staff members are currently participating in weekly professional development to build adult social emotional skills (Adult SEL Series) as a foundation to a positive climate and culture in afterschool.

This cohort will also be receiving specialized SEL professional learning and coaching supports to explicitly teach social emotional skills to youth in afterschool through regular mindfulness-based SEL practice using the Inner Explorer Classroom application and other curricula tools within an Afternoon Meeting structure.

What is Afternoon Meeting? 

The Afternoon Meeting is the out-of-school time complement to the Morning Meeting that helps to ensure continued SEL skill-building with a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. focus. Morning/Afternoon Meeting is an interactive group practice that teaches explicit social and emotional skills to youth. Morning/Afternoon meetings are rooted in the Responsive Classroom approach, a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that is implemented in K-12 schools nationwide.

The Afternoon Meeting, like the Morning Meeting, entails an intentional circle gathering where the adult models and facilitates four activity segments, namely, the Greeting, the Sharing, the Activity and the Message.

Afternoon Meeting Lesson Plans

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SEL Specialist

SEL Stories from the Field

Launch of Prime Time’s First Out-of-school Time Cohort Focused on Social and Emotional Learning

In October 2023, Prime Time launched the very first out-of-school time (OST) cohort focused on social and emotional learning, drawing on the lessons learned from the Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI). Learn about PSELI findings here.  The four participating sites in the 2022-2023 yearlong cohort pilot are Adopt a Family, Greenacres Afterschool…

SEL, Mindfulness, and Self Care for Teens in Palm Beach County

As part of the Behavioral Health Pilot led by BeWellPBC and Birth to 22 partners, more than 40 pre-med students in the Allied Program at Forest Hill High School recently participated in workshops on mindfulness and self-care led by Prime Time’s SEL Specialist. Teens defined mindfulness based on their own observation, explored the neuroscience of…

SEL Team Time at Crosspointe Elementary Afterschool Program

New OST practitioners participate in a virtual SEL onboarding session this week, where they learned about the PSELI Initiative and created a plan to practice adult SEL and incrementally introduce SEL tools and practices to youth with Prime Time support. They shared how they have already been practicing self-care to manage work and school responsibilities…

Youth Learn About Resiliency in Afternoon Meeting

2nd to 4th graders at Forest Hill Elementary Afterschool Program spent time sharing their emotion colors of the day, reviewing the meaning of resiliency, and talking about what they would do to deal with a situation that wasn’t going their way in a recent Afternoon Meeting. Youth also reflected on their favorite parts of the meeting and…

Inner Explorer and Afternoon Meeting Offer “Reset” to Afterschool Programs

OST Practitioner from Rolling Green Elementary Afterschool Program, a phase 2 site Vanessa Cantave shares the impact that the Inner Explorer Mindfulness App and Afternoon Meetings are having on youth and staff in her program. “We’ve been doing Inner Explorer and Afternoon Meetings. The students enjoy both activities. The best for them is that they are able…

Youth at Egret Lake Elementary Afterschool Program Show Their Gratitude

Amid COVID-19, youth at Egret Lake Elementary Afterschool Program came together to perform Good Job by Alicia Keys to show their gratitude to front line staff, health care workers, teachers, afterschool counselors, parents, guardians and more for all they are doing during the pandemic.

PSELI Phase 1 and Phase 2 OST Staff Can Now Access Mindfulness Program

It is with great excitement that we introduce our new Prime Time-Inner Explorer Portal  exclusively for PSELI Phase 1 and Phase 2 OST staff and families!! Inner Explorer’s mindfulness program fosters improved focus, emotional regulation, academic achievement, compassion, and creativity. It has advantages for staff too. The program is designed to be easy to use, “just…

Prime Time and School District Discuss the Ingredients for a Successful Partnership and Implementation of SEL

On February 19, 2021, Prime Time Palm Beach County Director of Professional Development Katherine Gopie, The School District of Palm Beach County SEL Manager Kristen Rullison, and professionals from CASEL, and The Wallace Foundation discussed what Palm Beach County has learned about how school and out-of-school time partners can work together to align and implement SEL on…

New Podcast Series from The Wallace Foundation Shares Findings and Early Lessons from a RAND Corporation Study of PSELI

The new podcast series from The Wallace Foundation shares findings and early lessons from a RAND Corporation study of our Partnerships for Social and Emotional Learning Initiative (PSELI). The five-episode series features indepth conversations with school/district and afterschool/out-of-school time leaders about their experiences working together to help children develop social and emotional skills. PSELI is…

SEL Specialist Knellee Bisram Featured in Wallace Interview

6 communities are exploring whether & how children benefit when schools & OST programs intentionally partner to build students’ #SEL skills. Watch the video to learn more: — Wallace Foundation (@WallaceFdn) January 5, 2021