Teen Advisory Council

Do you want to engage the teens you work with in a meaningful way and at the same time prepare them to become future leaders? Starting a Teen Advisory Council (TAC) is a great way to do both! When teens are part of a Teen Advisory Council, they become your partners in designing, planning and implementing programs, and this often leads to stronger youth engagement and higher program participation and attendance. Prime Time Palm Beach County is providing training, support and coaching to help you setup, run and sustain a fun and effective Teen Advisory Council that will empower your teens, enhance your program and strengthen your community.

What is a Teen Advisory Council (TAC)?

A TAC is a group of youth who take on genuine leadership roles to help an organization, school or community group achieve its mission. The TAC meets regularly to advise its community, decide what special events to offer, how to spend money, promote programs and activities and more.


Why have a Teen Advisory Council ?

Being part of a TAC allows teens to share their ideas in a meaningful way and take on roles that benefit your program. Under adult guidance, teens learn accountability and develop the motivation required to create, manage and guide projects while expanding their skills in planning and reflection, communication, critical thinking, adaptability, collaboration and innovation."


Establishing a TAC has two main purposes. First, it gives young people tremendous, meaningful leadership experiences and the opportunity to learn about how an organization operates. Second, it can improve your program by making it more youth-driven, which may lead to improved attendance. - Teen Advisory Guidebook (David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality)

Anton Spalding

Middle School Professional Development Specialist