The OST Field

Lessons Learned

Prime Time is Palm Beach County’s "go-to" resource to find information on the best and most promising practices occurring across the out-of-school time field. We also ensure that our own lessons learned are shared locally and nationally through publications and presentations.

By delivering a variety of powerful supports and financial incentives, including coaching, advising, training, networking opportunities, scholarships and more to out-of-school time (OST) programs, research shows that


Prime Time can successfully empower these programs to create safe, supportive and welcoming environments, and encourage positive social interactions and engagement in youth.


Research shows that high-quality OST programs positively impact:

  1. Social and emotional skills
  2. School grades
  3. Standardized test scores
  4. School attendance
  5. On-time grade promotion

Evidence of Positive Impact on Afterschool and Summer Programs in Palm Beach County:

A 10-year Validation Study of Prime Time's Integrated Quality Improvement System

August 2019

In this report, we examine trends in quality improvement as an outcome of years of exposure to core services (e.g., quality coaching, improvement planning, and self-assessment) and to the spectrum of Prime Time’s services (i.e., trainings, career advising, and networking opportunities). Subsequent sections will describe Prime Time’s progress in achieving the three goals above and explore how they have led to improved program quality.

More Information

More Information

Celine Provini

Director of Research