Inner Explorer and Afternoon Meeting Offer “Reset” to Afterschool Programs

OST Practitioner from Rolling Green Elementary Afterschool Program, a phase 2 site Vanessa Cantave shares the impact that the Inner Explorer Mindfulness App and Afternoon Meetings are having on youth and staff in her program.

We’ve been doing Inner Explorer and Afternoon Meetings. The students enjoy both activities. The best for them is that they are able to express their feelings and share with one another. It is a great way to turn their attitude from a negative to a positive. Let go of the school day and refresh and start the day over. It is a great impact on both students and counselors.”

“We listened to different sounds and had to focus on where we not only hear but also feel that certain sound in our body. The students said that it was calming, relaxing, sleepy, good, sad and soothing. As you can see today we had less distractions and most of the kids were able to focus and participate in this practice. Even though there were a few students turning briefly to look back at me they were able to refocus and join the rest of the class. I feel that these next few practices within this series will be very important to help us with mindful awareness and self-care.”