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Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc. is a non?profit, intermediary organization dedicated to ensuring that afterschool and summer programs in Palm Beach County are of the highest quality. We serve the out-of-school time field, program, professional and the children and youth they serve.

Support for the Out-of-school Time Field

Prime Time is Palm Beach County’s “go-to” resource to find information on best and promising practices occurring across the out-of-school time field. We also ensure that our own lessons learned are shared locally and nationally through publications and presentations.


Research has shown that youth experience greater academic success and well-being when they attend high-quality out-of-school time programs.


Research shows that high quality out-of-school time programs positively impacts:


• Social and emotional skills
• School grades
• Standardized test scores
• School attendance
• On-time grade promotion


By delivering a variety of powerful supports and financial incentives, including coaching, advising, training, networking opportunities, scholarships and more to afterschool and summer programs, research shows that Prime Time can successfully empower these programs to create safe, supportive and welcoming environments, and encourage positive social interactions and engagement in youth.

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Support for Out-of-school Time Programs

The Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System (QIS), managed by Prime Time, is a multi-level system that aims to improve the quality of afterschool and summer programs throughout our community. The system of supports helps programs effectively develop and deliver high quality experiences for children, youth and their families.

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Support for Out-of-school Time Professionals

Prime Time is committed to providing professional development opportunities with the ultimate goal of supporting high quality experiences for children and youth in afterschool and summer programs, as well as the retention of dedicated, passionate and professional staff.


Education and career pathways, scholarships, support services, incentive programs, and targeted academic and social-emotional learning initiatives are all opportunities Prime Time offers to help develop out-of-school time professionals both personally and professionally.


In addition to professional development opportunities, Prime Time brings out-of-school time professionals together throughout the year to strengthen our countywide network by sharing with one another, learning about promising and best practices in the field, and new offerings to the local community.

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Children and Youth

In an effort to give Palm Beach County’s children and youth access to a wide range of experiences and reduce the opportunity gap for children who have limited access to them, Prime Time partners with local organizations to offer expanded learning opportunities at no cost to eligible afterschool and summer programs. These activities include short-term programming in academics; health and wellness; integrated arts and positive youth development.

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