Afternoon Meeting

What is Afternoon Meeting? 

The Afternoon Meeting is the out-of-school time complement to the Morning Meeting that helps to ensure continued well-being and life skills are being built with a 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. focus. Morning/Afternoon Meeting is an interactive group practice that teaches explicit well-being and life skills to youth.

The Afternoon Meeting, like the Morning Meeting, entails an intentional circle gathering where the adult models and facilitates four activity segments, namely, the Greeting, the Sharing, the Activity and the Message.

Each segment is designed to:

  • incrementally build positive adult-youth and youth-youth communication and interaction,
  • engage youth in positive behavior,
  • provide opportunities for adult and youth to builld well-being and life skills,
  • promote equity by giving youth voice and choice during meeting activities, and
  • create explicit connections between well-being and life skills and academic learning.

The Afternoon Meeting also provides an opportunity to apply signature Well-being and Life Skill practices that teach youth how to transition their hearts and minds from one activity to another so that these practice may become more integrated across the out-of-school time program.