Meet a Scientist

Journey with Dr. Hannah Hiester into the microscopic world right beneath your fingertips! Explore what plants, everyday items, and more look like under a microscope, as well as investigating how these incredible instruments work. Dr. Hiester from Science on the Move at Florida State University in partnership with Scientist in Every Florida School is excited to go on this virtual adventure with you! Note: you do NOT need a microscope in order to participate. 

 Scientist in Every Florida School, part of the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute and the Florida Museum of Natural History, is a free program for Florida’s  K-12 public schools with a mission to engage students and teachers in cutting-edge research by providing science role models and experiences that inspire the future stewards of our planet. 

Science on the Move is a collaboration between the Office of STEM Teaching Activities and the Department of Physics at Florida State University. Science on the Move brings physical science to life through innovative investigations which are aligned to Florida standards and blend content with scientific practices. 

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