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Afterschool programs have risen to the occasion and stepped in to serve children and families, but now they need our support. The Afterschool in the Time of COVID-19 survey finds that afterschool programs are severely affected by the hardships created by the pandemic. As programs work to continue to provide services in their communities, they face their own struggles, from funding to staffing, with a majority unsure if the worst is over or yet to come. Here from local afterschool professionals here

Jobs in the OST Field

Afterschool Director – Gardens School of Technology Arts, Inc.

Assistant Site Director – Timber Trace Elementary

Counselor Afterschool – Timber Trace Elementary

Leader, Afterschool Activity – Timber Trace Elementary

Schedule a Meeting/Staff Presentation

Schedule a one-on-one meeting or staff presentation to learn about the Prime Time OST Registry, trainings, scholarships and incentives.

Attract and Retain New Job Candidates to Your Afterschool Program

Help attract qualified and committed afterschool professionals to your program by sharing this one-page document (PRINT) with potential candidates. The document shows Prime Time supports, offerings and incentives that candidates could potentially qualify when joining your program.

Print and include in your outreach materials and conversations with potential candidates. Candidates can then visit to learn more.

Once hired, Prime Time can help with onboarding, click here to set up a time to speak with Prime Time’s career advisor.


Now more than ever, staffing and funding is a top priority for afterschool programs in Palm Beach County and beyond. Please join us in sharing job opportunities in afterschool with your social media followers, friends, families and colleagues.

Apply to work with youth in afterschool programs across Palm Beach County today and earn scholarships and financial incentives through Prime Time Palm Beach County.

You may be eligible for scholarships and financial incentives up to $3,000, if you apply and are hired as an afterschool professional while working on one of the following credit pathways at Palm Beach State College:

  • Youth Development College Credit Certificate (YDCC) POC 6387
  • Associate in Science Degree: Human Services (Youth Development Concentration) POC 2374
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Degree: Supervision and Management – POC T701
  • Bachelor of Science Degree: Human Services – POC S701

Once you are hired and working at an afterschool program, contact Prime Time’s Career Advisor & Registry Coach Elisa Moro to begin earning scholarships and financial incentives.

Career Advisor & Registry Coach

 Job Opportunities

Afterschool Staff Recruitment Kit

Use Afterschool Alliance’s NEW Fall 2021 Staff Recruitment Toolkit! This collection of materials is designed to help program providers recruit and hire new staff. Includes outreach strategies, messages, and easy-to-tailor flyers and graphics.

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