Building Blocks of Life – Earth

Earth is an incredible planet and an incredible substance! As a planet, earth supports us all. As a substance, earth feeds us all. How does it do all that? 

 Join Tiger Territory Education Garden to look at the earth up close — the view from the microscope — and to look at the earth from a distance — the view from the telescope. 

 Appreciate the earth as a beautiful planet and substance, seeing how it feeds and needs our cooperation and support. 


Optional Materials List 

  • Soil — this can be soil from your yard or neighborhood (does not have to be from a bag)
  • A seed — this can be from a fruit, vegetable or nut (for example, papaya, okra or peanut)
  •  A container or small pot for soil and seed 


Note: Free materials for this session will be available at Tiger Territory Education Garden on Saturday, June 19 from 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. 


Session facilitated by: