Anton Spalding


Middle School Professional Development Specialist


Professional Development

Anton has worked as both a philanthropy professional and youth development professional for 13 years. He brings with him an extensive skill set and array of experiences gained while serving the young people of Palm Beach County. Anton has a passion for creativity and achieves a great deal of satisfaction from positively affecting the lives of others, both young and old at heart. From teacher, to photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, editor, mentor, trainer and program coordinator, Anton has played a variety of key roles in supporting and inspiring both children and youth development professionals countywide. Previously, at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Anton spearheaded the creation, development and implementation of several educational programs targeting at-risk youth, including a very successful and innovative music production program. He has also developed more than a dozen print publications and over 20 media productions that attracted youth, families, funders and partners in the community. Anton is an alumnus of the Rising Leaders nonprofit leadership program and graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a minor in English. He also spends his time as a volunteer educator and game designer.