Tue, February 13, 2024
9:00 am - 11:00 am

Youth Planning: Level Up – VIRTUAL

When youth plan, they practice the critical life skills of thinking through an activity or project and setting goals and intentions.  This training builds on the knowledge and skills learned in Youth Planning Basics. You will explore how providing opportunities for young people to engage in planning promotes self-regulated learning, develops metacognition and executive functioning skills, and increases engagement during everyday activities in your program. In this hands-on training, you will practice tangible methods to facilitate young people’s planning and help them to participate in meaningful ways.

Upon successful completion of this training, the participant will earn 2 clock hours (.2 CEUs) of training.

Training Objectives:

Participants will:

  1. List 4 ways adults can support youth in planning for activities.
  2. Understand how youth planning promotes self-regulated learning and the development of metacognition and executive functioning skills.
  3. Practice planning activities to use with youth that will help them become involved and engaged in the program.

Core Knowledge, Skills and Competencies Addressed (CKSCs):  

Learning Environments and Curriculum

Physical, Social/Emotional, and Cognitive Development

Apply – I. Uses contextualized teaching strategies to provide children and youth multiple entry points to an activity based on their current knowledge and abilities.

Relationships and Interactions with Children and Youth

Enhancing Group Experiences

Apply – C. Plans and guides group activities to teach children and youth cooperation and collaboration.

Primary QIS Scales Addressed: 

IV. Engaging Environment

IV-Q. Planning