Wed, April 19, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

VIRTUAL: How to Give Youth a Voice in Your Program

Does your program reflect the input of the youth involved? Research shows that quality programs incorporate youth input at both activity and program levels. This interactive training will emphasize the importance of offering meaningful participation for youth. You will walk away with practical strategies and materials so youth can provide input and feedback to improve engagement in your program.

Upon successful completion of this training, the participant will earn 1.5 clock hours (.2 CEUs) of training.

Training Objectives: 

Participants will: 

  1. Identify and address adultism within the program.
  2. Describe ways youth can provide input and feedback to adults.

Core Competencies Addressed: 

Core Knowledge Area – Interaction with Children and Youth: Entry Level, Level 1

5.C.- Promote positive expression, interaction and group experiences between adults and children/youth

C1: Support positive relationships between participants

C2: Interact with children and youth in positive ways and encourage participation

C3: Offer group activities that support active engagement

Primary QIS Scales Addressed: 

IV-R Reflection   

4 Staff initiates structured opportunities for youth to give feedback on the activities (e.g., staff asks feedback questions, provide session evaluations).