Tue, February 22, 2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Restorative Justice Conferences – Advanced Level

* Completion of the Restorative Practices in OST 3-part training series is a prerequisite for this advanced level training. 


Now that you have completed the Restorative Practices in OST training series, take your discipline practices to the next level in Restorative Practices by learning how to facilitate Restorative Justice Conferences as an alternative to suspension or expulsion for youth.  

Learn how to implement a pre-conference with youth who have done harm and youth who have been harmed by running a conference with all parties to help youth learn from their mistakes and repair harm done instead of isolating and punishing youth.  Modeling and technical assistance on how to run Restorative Circles/Conferences will also be provided after this training session.   

The goal of this training will be for OST programs to move towards becoming more restorative in their discipline practices through implementing a plan that involves all stakeholders. Learn how to shift the climate and culture of your program in a sustainable way to promote authentic dialogue, equity of voice, and a true sense of belonging for youth, staff, and families. 


Restorative Justice Conferences – Advanced Level  

Training Objectives:  

Participants will:

  1. List the steps to implement a Restorative Justice conference with youth who are having a conflict or where wrongdoing happened using the Pre-conference and Conference Facilitator’s Scripts.
  2. Discuss how to implement Restorative Practices with administrators and staff in their program and come up with a plan.