Tue, February 01, 2022
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Inspired to Empower Teens

How can you empower teens? That’s the driving question behind this engaging foundational training that focuses on your powerful role as a middle school practitioner and addresses factors influencing teen feelings of empowerment. By considering the purpose and motive behind your work as a Youth Development Professional, you will be encouraged to embrace your role as a leader while learning how to set goals that can help you develop your potential to strengthen, inspire and empower the youth you work with each day. 


Please note: Only afterschool practitioners working with middle school, high school, or fifth grade elementary youth should register for this training.



Training Objectives 

Participants will

a. describe the role of a Youth Development Professional
identify the factors influencingteen feelings of empowerment
determine how to use SMART goals to improve empowerment potential