Tue, October 17, 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Engaging Teens Series Part 2 – VIRTUAL

Length of Training- 90 minutes 

Participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL TRAININGS in the series and complete assignments in between trainings.    

By registering for this training, you are committing to all training session dates. 

Engaging Teens- Why Necessary? Part 1 

Engaging Teens- Charting Your Course Part 2  

Upon successful completion of this training series and follow-up assignment(s), the participant will earn .5 CEUs of training. 

In this age of distraction, getting the attention of teens can seem nearly impossible. However, with the right knowledge and approach, it can be done! In this two-part training, you will learn how to engage middle school youth in a way that empowers and motivates them. You will also explore the developmental features of the adolescent brain and receive strategies for developing fun programs and activities that keep teens coming back. 

Please note: Only afterschool practitioners working with middle school, high school, or fifth grade elementary youth should register for this training. 

Why Necessary? Part 1 

Training Objectives: 

Participants will

  1. Describe the features of adolescent development

Charting Your Course Part 2 

Training Objectives:  

Participants will

  1. Identify the four pillars of effective teen engagement
  2. Develop a project charter to help guide the process of improving teen engagement

Core Competencies Addressed 

Core Knowledge Area – Child/Youth Growth and Development 

1. A3: Recognize typical and atypical development in youth - Level 2

Core Knowledge Area – Interaction with Children/Youth

5. A7: Offer activities that tap into youth’s interests and allow them to make choices based on those interests - Level 2

5. A8: Apply strategies and best practices to enhance learning and promote engagement during activities - Level 2

PQA SEL Items Addressed 

PBC PQA Scale – IV-P Supporting Youth Interest 

IV.P.2: Provide multiple opportunities for choice

IV.P.3: Support creativity