Building Blocks of Life – Light

Like plants, humans need light to live. In fact, natural light provides measurable health benefits to humans and other life forms. Join Tiger Territory Education Garden to explore some benefits of natural light, and how light helps keep us healthy and thriving. For example, light helps humans in these four ways: 


  1. Boostsvitamin D 
  2. Supports good mood
  3. Improves sleep
  4. Reduces health risks of artificial lighting


Since light is important to our health and the health of other species, we will also look at ways to get more natural light without getting too much sun or sunburn. Of course light is related to heat. So we will also look at the connection between light, temperature and life. Plus, participate in some fun science experiments with light! 



  • sheet of blank paper 
  • marker
  • drinking glass (transparent / clear glass)
  • pencil,
  • straw or ruler 
  • magnifying glass 


Session facilitated by: