Thu, May 18, 2023
All Day

Build Prosilience in Out-of-School Time, a special webcast aired via Facebook

Out-of-school time staff need our support now more than ever before.  Addressing burnout and supporting the well-being of our essential workers and in turn the youth they serve, is front of mind for the out-of-school time field. Providers have indicated that it would be helpful to receive support on mitigating staff burnout, keeping teams engaged and inspired and being better prepared to model resilience to youth when they face challenges.  

We often hear of the term resilience but hardly ever prosilience.  Resilience is a response to challenge as and when it happens.  Prosilience, in contrast, is using the frequent and lower-level challenges of everyday life as opportunities to actively and intentionally prepare yourself to deal with larger changes or challenges that might come along. (Beyond the Board Training)

Explore the meaning and practice of prosilience, and how cultivating prosilience as a habit can help to improve how you respond to micro-challenges at work and in your personal life resulting in a stronger you for you and the youth you serve.

Special Guest:

Daron L. Morse
Director of Youth Educational Programs
Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches, Inc. 

What is prosilience? 

Prosilience as a daily practice that elevates our physical, mental and emotional well-being, our daily interactions and performance. We inevitably become more resilient when challenging events occur because we have built the muscle of relating proactively to flight, fight, freeze, and navigating our mind states and psychological and behavioral patterns with greater ease.