Girls on the Run and Maritime Academy Afterschool Program Host Culminating Event to Show Families the Confidence and Strength of Youth

Girls on the Run, a Prime Time expanded learning opportunity, closed the school year with one final session in celebration of all the accomplishments participants from Palm Beach Maritime Academy’s Afterschool Program made throughout the year. Girls on the Run teaches girls life skills through 16 sessions that include dynamic interactive lessons and running games during after school. At the end of the program, girls complete a 5K, which provides a tangible sense of accomplishment, setting a confident and goal-oriented mindset into motion. Listed among the “Top 25 SEL” programs in a Harvard University study funded by The Wallace Foundation, the goal of Girls on the Run is to unleash confidence through accomplishment, while establishing a lifetime appreciation of health and fitness in mind, body and spirit.  

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, families and coaches watched as youth participants demonstrated their strength and confidence through warm-ups, jump rope and then the final 5K jog. The girls waited at the finish line until everyone finished, cheering on each girl who crossed. Then one-by-one they broke through the crepe paper finish line, symbolizing their accomplishments.

“When Syniah began the program, she was very shy. In due time this all changed. As she became comfortable with the girls, I noticed her spirit was up and she did her workouts very well. Eventually she gained new friends and confidence in what she could do. Girls on the Run allowed her to push herself so she can continue to be great and enjoy her peers.” 
– Coach Robinson (left), Girls on the Run

“At the beginning of the program Rowan was curious to see what she could learn. She was excited and had a lot of energy. Rowan made sure that everyone knew who she was. Girls on the Run was the perfect fit for her and she shined like a super star. At the end of the program, she felt she was stronger and more knowledgeable. Rowan pushed herself through all the exercises and lessons. Girls on the Run brought out the best in her.” 
– Coach Augustin, Girls on the Run