Youth in Out-of-School Time Programs Meet Real Life Scientists

In partnership with the Scientist in Every Florida School Meet a Scientist series, Prime Time has been able offer children and youth in out-of-school time programs access to real-life scientists via livestream webinars. REAL scientists talk with youth during each 30-minute session to share interesting and fun facts on the special science topics, as they meet, chat and can ask questions with the guest scientist of the day. 

On March 16, 2021, 11 spring camps with approximately 200 youth tuned in to meet Agronomist and Scientist Adina Grossman from the University of Florida’s Department of Agronomy. Adina studies plants and crops and showed campers how produce goes from seed to store and how farmers and scientists work together to provide the best fruits and vegetables.  She also informed youth that agronomist scientists are sometimes taste testers of fruits and vegetables that the farmers are harvesting or new variations that the scientists are testing and growing.   

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Several of the campers and their counselors had the opportunity to ask Adina about her experience, study in the field, the plants she studies, and even the differences between organic plant foods and regular plant foods.   

For questions regarding out-of-school time STEAM offerings, please contact Prime Time’s STEAM Professional Development Specialist Patricia Sasson at 561-600-9547 /