Seven-Day Self-Care Challenge

Be Kind to Your Mind; Find Calm in the Chaos

Feeling anxious or worried? Feeling a loss of control amid COVID-19? Prime Time is offering tools to bring you back to center.

The Seven-Day Self-Care Challenge is a virtual on-demand offering designed to provide basic practice tools that can help us cultivate awareness, self-care and resilience, particularly during challenging times. Check back each day for a new offering.

Each of the daily pre-recorded 15-20 minute video sessions guides us step-by-step through mindful awareness practices, movement and breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques that promote stress and anxiety reduction and overall well-being.

Can’t complete the challenge in seven days? Not to worry, you can follow along at your own pace and repeat as often as needed!

Day 1 – How self-aware are you?

In this session, we begin our journey into self-care by exploring the power of awareness. We practice our attentional skills in a present moment awareness exercise to cultivate the ability to live in the present, a foundation for self-awareness and self-regulation.

Day 2 – Movement for Stress Release

We expand the use of mindful awareness from session one to movement with intention and attention. Mindful movement engages both breath and body awareness as a means to releasing stress and tension from the body.

Day 3 – Tuning in to the Body

This session is all about body awareness. We practice a short mindful body scan designed to tune in to the range of sensations we experience in the body, and use these observations as a tool for insight into our self-care needs.

Day 4 – Mind Body Relaxation 

Positive psychology studies affirm that our thoughts and emotions subconsciously generate tremendous physiological impact. In this session, we learn how to “consciously” tap into this mind-body connection to stimulate the relaxation response in times of stress and anxiety.

Day 5 – Mindful Eating

Our relationship with food is at the core of our health and well-being. We use a mindful approach to explore our sensory experience as we engage with food, be aware of stressors that impact food choices and behaviors, and consider how food connects us to other beings on the planet.

Day 6 – Make it RAIN in Challenging Situations

This session will provide a powerful tool for dealing with difficult situations and emotions, the RAIN practice. We contemplate the growth potential of challenges and chaos as an opportunity for cultivating vulnerability, hope and healing in times of suffering. 

Day 7 – Your Self-care Vision

In this final session, we engage in a mental walkthrough of the self-care journey to reflect upon insights and self-discoveries. This culminates in personalized commitment to draw upon all the tools that resonated with us the most in seven sessions to make self-care, resilience and healing a daily habit.

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  1. Hi honey. Today I started this challenge . It,s amazing and will work wonders for me. Love always… Dad .

  2. A few of us at the Weikart Center are doing the challenge at our own pace. I’ve really enjoyed the…

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