Professional Development Training

In order to better serve your professional development and training needs, we have added new and exciting training workshops and have aligned topics by relevance (tracks) to core competencies for afterschool practitioners. Training topics are grouped in such a way that practitioners can clearly see which trainings may be most beneficial for them based on the core knowledge area that is addressed. It is recommended that a practitioner start his/her professional development journey with The Progressive Afterschool Practitioner. This is a training designed to heighten a practitioner's insight into his/her own professional development and further how to use the Core Competencies for Afterschool Practitioners to create a personalized training plan. Once a plan is in place, practitioners may decide to attend specific trainings that relate to their plan and that address core knowledge areas and competencies.

It is not mandatory to take trainings in a specific track, but it is recommended as a guide when planning your personal and professional development.


Prime Time Professional Development Trainings Will Reconvene in August 2017