Professional Development

Prime Time Palm Beach County is committed to providing professional development opportunities for afterschool practitioners with the ultimate goal of supporting quality in afterschool programs as well as the retention of dedicated and professional staff.

Prime Time offers trainings that educates practitioners on practical ways to improve their skills with strategies to create engaging and interactive environments that are enriched with positive adult support, and on the Palm Beach County Afterschool Core Competencies. The core competencies were developed, in collaboration with key stakeholders in the community and the field, to identify the knowledge, competencies and skills that an afterschool practitioner needs to work effectively with children and youth. 

Our STEAM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) training series focuses on inquiry-based learning as a way to spark curiosity in youth and cultivate an engaging environment conducive to learning. Practitioners will gain a greater insight into how this method of discovery can be implemented in any STEAM activity.

Prime Time has also partnered with Palm Beach State College to develop credit and non-credit educational pathways that are relevant to afterschool practitioners.  Prime Time offers scholarship opportunities for practitioners who are interested in pursuing degrees or certificate programs relevant to the field and ACHIEVE OST which is a tiered incentive award program that rewards practitioners for participating in trainings and earning certificates and degrees, with an emphasis on best practices in youth development. 

In addition, Prime Time offers professional Career Advising to afterschool practitioners who are considering furthering their education. Career Advising provides career counseling, educational planning, assistance with course scheduling and financial aid applications, and more. Career Advising is committed to empowering afterschool practitioners and providing ongoing support as they work to reach their educational and career goals.