Shabrae Jackson

Shabrae Staff Update 22_9_19

Professional Development Specialist


Professional Development

With more than 25 years of experience working as a community practitioner, expressive arts facilitator, trainer and coach, Shabrae brings her background in social work and numerous years coordinating children and youth community-based projects. Much of her work has focused on training and capacity- building with a specific focus on the restorative arts, trauma-informed care, project and curriculum design and community-based development.

During her 15 years in Mexico and work globally with numerous grass-roots leaders and groups, Shabrae helped to create innovative projects for youth leadership, public health and crisis response. She is the founder of Collective Tapestry, a platform that builds community labs for collective exploration and inquiry including UMBRAL, a Mexican organization that provides arts-based psychosocial trauma training at the border with migrants and refugees.

As a certified coach who holds additional certifications from Training for Conflict Transformation and Expressive Arts in Transition, she is ready to uplift the OST professionals in our community. She holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work, a postgraduate degree in Sport for Conflict Transformation and Social Coexistence from the University of Catalunya, a masters in Expressive Arts for Conflict-transformation and Peace building, and a certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from the European Graduate School.