Lisa Gregoire

Lisa Staff Update 22_9_12

Professional Development Specialist


Professional Development

Lisa Gregoire joins Prime Time as a Professional Development Specialist. Lisa has 23 years of experience in public education as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal serving large metropolitan and suburban school districts in Texas and Illinois. She brings with her an extensive knowledge of child development, instructional design, conflict resolution, community building, professional development and instructional coaching. Lisa is passionate about ensuring access to high quality learning and enrichment experiences for all children and youth. As a classically trained violinist and French horn musician, she has a love for the arts and has championed experiences to foster an appreciation for the visual and performing arts in youth. Lisa is also an advocate for promoting STEAM experiences to spark interests and develop skills that can impact future college and career readiness in youth. As a school administrator, she brought coding, robotic, and video production opportunities to her students, and was the district-wide coordinator for the annual science fair and STEAM Possible event. As a proponent of life-long learning, Lisa believes learning should be fun, engaging, interactive and meaningful and strives to create learning experiences that adhere to these basic tenets. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University-Commerce, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Oberlin College.