Learn if Youth SEL Skills are Growing at Your Afterschool Program

Participate in Youth SEL Project

Benefits for afterschool programs: 

  • Feedback on youth SEL and whether skills have grown throughout the year 
  • Reflection guide that aligns staff rating of youth behavior (SRYB) and PBC-PQA, enabling integrated action planning 
  • $100 in gift cards for each director and staff member who participates
    in fall and spring 


What will my program need to do? 

Afterschool Director Responsibilities: 

  • Distribute Notification of Youth Data Collection and note youth who are
    opted out of research. 
  • Attend brief Prime Time orientation if participating for the first time. 
  • Confirm participating staff raters. 
  • Identify youth who will be rated and keep track of their ID numbers between
    fall and spring. 
  • Ensure raters use the correct ID numbers and complete ratings by the deadline.  
  • Confirm gift cards for you and your staff. 

Total time annually: Approximately 2-3 hours 


Staff rater responsibilities: 

Rate the SEL skills of 15 youth in fall and spring. 

Total time annually: Approximately 1 hour 



Stefania giannella

Research Associate