Thu, January 27, 2022
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

SEL Leadership Training Part III

Prerequisite: SEL Basics Onboarding, and at least one other SEL Training (SEL Academy or SEL Integration training or Adult SEL Blended Series). OST Directors and Activity Leaders from a PSELI pilot school, Prime Time Registry ID


SEL Leadership series is a 4-part quarterly offering to OST Directors and their program leaders who have a foundational understanding of SEL implementation, designed to build site level capacity through transformational SEL leaders. Participants learn transformational leadership and emotional intelligence tools, and data-informed SEL coaching and mentoring strategies to support site staff in SEL implementation in the long term.


The goal of the series is to build capacity to that youth may interact with adults who are intentionally modeling SEL skills and are part of a system where social-emotional learning is explicitly integrated into practices and programming with a DEI lens.


In Part 3 we revisit and reinforce the inner work of a transformational leader through continued practice, and share experiences in creating SEL vision statements with our teams. Together, leaders spend time problem solving and sharing best practice on effective strategies to mentor and coach their staff on meeting intrapersonal, interpersonal and program SEL goals for a more positive OST environment.


Training Objectives:

Participants will:

a.  Reflect on and discuss experiences from practicing emotional intelligence principles towards transformational SEL leadership and create one SMARTIE goal on the EQ skill you will practice to enhance your SEL leadership capacity
b. Recall team/program SEL vision and articulate two or more SMARTIE goals for staff SE skill-building and SEL implementation to further realize this vision and practice mentoring strategies to use when discussing goals with staff
c. Generate two or more SMARTIE objectives on areas of coaching, modeling and professional learning needed to support team SEL skill-building/program SEL goals and fill out SEL Leadership plan template based on objectives and schedule PD/coaching visits with SEL specialist and indicators of success (ongoing)
d. Problem-solve collectively on best practices by participating in circle protocols