Thu, February 29, 2024
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Expanding Horizons: Global Learning in OST – VIRTUAL

During this training, you will learn the definition of global learning and global competence in out-of-school time (OST). The activities in this training will lead you to understand the characteristics of both a globally competent young person and a globally competent OST practitioner, and how these characteristics are essential in today’s world. You will examine your own personal connection to global themes as well as those of your program and learn ways to leverage these connections to help young people expand their horizons.

Upon successful completion of this training, the participant will earn 1.5 clock hours (.2 CEUs) of training.

Training Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Define and understand the importance of key concepts, global learning and global competence.
  2. Identify how to create an environment where global learning can happen effectively while exploring current resources and global connections.

Core Knowledge, Skills and Competencies Addressed (CKSCs)

Learning Environments and Curriculum

Physical, Social/Emotional, and Cognitive Development

Apply – H. Facilitates learning and other opportunities that reflect the cultures and values represented in the local community.

Youth Engagement, Voice and Choice

Identify – A. Understands that young people’s voices are valuable.

Identify – B. Is aware of youth culture within the larger community context where children, youth, and families live.

Equity and Inclusion

Equity and Antiracism Program and Leadership Practices

Apply – D. Authentically celebrates the value of other’s identities and cultures.

Culturally Responsive Practice

Apply – D. Incorporates global perspectives.

Apply – F. Connects teaching and learning approaches to the experiences and cultures of the community and others.

Primary QIS Scales Addressed

III.  Interactive Environment

III-N. Cultivating Empathy

IV.  Engaging Environment

IV-O.  Furthering Learning

IV-P.  Supporting Young People’s Interest