Tue, September 12, 2023
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Asking Purposeful Questions – VIRTUAL

Do you communicate with youth in a way that makes them feel supported and heard? This interactive training introduces various techniques that help you build more supportive, youth-centered relationships. Participants will practice how to ask more effective questions and to listen with intention when interacting with youth.

Upon successful completion of this training, the participant will earn 1.5 clock hours (.2 CEUs) of training.

Training Objectives:

Participants will:

  1. Identify the difference between open and closed-ended questions.
  2. Produce five relevant purposeful questions.

Core Knowledge, Skills and Competencies Addressed (CKSCs): 

Learning Environments and Curriculum  

Language and Communication Development: 

Identify – A. Understands active listening.

Apply – D. Adapts language and communication activities and interactions to support diverse needs and abilities.

Physical, Social/Emotional, and Cognitive Development:

Apply – E. Is responsive and encourages learning through questions, active listening, problem-solving activities, and conversations.

Relationships and Interaction with Children/Youth 

Individual Child/Youth Guidance 

Apply – D. Practices positive, healthy interactions and guides children and youth in self-awareness, social awareness, relationship building, and responsible decision making.

Primary QIS Scales Addressed:

II. Supportive Environment

II-G. Emotion Coaching

III- Interactive Environment

III-K. Sense of Belonging

III-N. Cultivating Empathy