Articles Written by Staff

Recruitment, Retention and Career Pathways

written by: Katherine Gopie, Director of Professional Development, Prime Time Palm Beach County


Be inspired and have a deeper understanding of the fuel that fires Prime Time's deep rooted commitment and passion to afterschool. Recruitment, Retention and Career Pathways, written by Prime Time's Director of Professional Development Katherine Gopie published in the winter issue of Afterschool Today depicts Prime Time's unwavering passion for professionalizing the out-of-school time field so children and youth have more opportunities now and in the future.


"Anyone who is a part of the out-of-school time (OST) field knows what a rich, vibrant space it is, brimming with opportunity to spark learning, excite minds, build community, and connect with the hearts of children and youth." -Katherine Gopie

Playing Together in the Sandbox: A Guide to Coaching Using Emotional Intelligence 

written by: Patrick Freeland, Quality Improvement Manager,
Prime Time Palm Beach County


People with high social awareness skills can assess their environment and effectively process what is happening within it and how to resolve it. Self-management is a critical part of being able to successfully manage your emotions and rightfully direct your behavior to match your setting. Prime Time's Quality Improvement Manager Patrick Freeland shares a glimpse into emotional intelligence and shares how it can significantly improve coaching and relationships.



Five Reasons Your Afterschool Practitioner is Your Biggest Ally

Written by Nicole Edwards, Director of Community Partnerships
Prime Time Palm Beach County
Published by Edutopia on December 15, 2016


Afterschool program staff are an untapped resource that can help support teachers and enhance learning and development for students.



Personal Development for the OST Workforce: A Shift in Focus for a Growing Field

Written by Nicole Edwards, Director of Community Partnerships
Prime Time Palm Beach County
Published by Youthtoday on July 25, 2016


Professional development in the out-of-school-time (OST) field has been on an evolutionary curve in recent times. There has been an emphasis on building a solid professional development system for OST that has all the components needed for high-quality professional development supports for practitioners.


The Effects of Consideration, Cardboard, and Caring

written by: Dr. Lisa Lindeman, Director of Research
Prime Time Palm Beach County