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CAPE Universal Inc. 

Anthony Bacchus, Founder & CEO 

CAPE Universal is A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower all youth K-12 mindset through principles, cultural arts, and mentorship, to develop a positive and productive attitude.

We’re are currently an outreach program contracted with Prime Time PBC CEP, serving children in Belle Glades, Pahokee, South Bay and Riviera Beach. We’re also serving children throughout Palm Beach County, Martin County and Port Saint Lucie County.


CAPE currently has 8 certified drum, dance and art teachers with Florida Public Schools badges. Our sessions are geared to increase the knowledge of multicultural arts and to inspire children to embrace their identity and culture. In the process they will also embrace their peers identity and culture. The children will also demonstrate improved self esteem and a positive and proactive mindset, which will impact their general attitude in the classroom, public speaking, the community and at home.

CAPE will have an annual Multicultural festival proving a platform for all children to showcase their talents and creativity. Bringing all children, teachers, parents and the community together.


Cox Science Center and Aquarium 

Chris Pait, Director of Education 

Serving Palm Beach County since 1961, the Science Center revolves around a simple premise: science is exciting! Our mission is to “Open Every Mind to Science”and we are delivering on this promise by providing schools, visitors and campers an entirely new set of science programming and tech ventures based on computer coding, robotics, and other leading-edge educational programs. These new programs have allowed us to educate more young minds than ever before, now serving over 300,000 students, teachers and visitors annually, including 130,000 through field trips and educational outreach into schools and classrooms.


Girls on the Run Palm Beach 

Diane Evans, Council Director 

Girls on the Run changes lives - one girl at a time, one team at a time, one season at a time. We believe that girls are born with power and purpose. Using fun, research-based curricula that creatively integrate running, we inspire every girl to reach her limitless potential, not just for the length of our program, but for life. Girls on the Run nurtures strength of mind and body, both on and off the track. Our fun program intentionally builds a sense of belonging, positivity, and confidence, so girls learn to say, “I can!” Girls explore  a specific topic every meeting. Fun running and movement games are creatively integrated while intentionally integrated discussions help girls process ideas for independent

thinking, thus setting Girls on the Run apart from sports and other programs. Expected outcomes are Caring, Confidence, Competence, Character, Connection, and Contribution. Girls plan and complete a community impact project, giving them a sense of individual and group accomplishment. Primarily, girls in elementary school, grades 3 through 5, participate, but we also have a specific curriculum for middle school. All of this is possible because of dedicated volunteer coaches, who facilitate lessons with the girls, helping girls feel joyful, healthy and confident. For information, please call 561-600-8746 or visit


Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County 

Callie Sharkey, Stories & STEM Program Manager 

The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County was founded in 1989 and has been a recipient of the coveted four-out-of-four-star Charity Navigator rating for 14 consecutive years. The Literacy Coalition works to improve the quality of life in our community by promoting and achieving literacy. Through extensive outreach and collaboration with a network of community partners, the Literacy Coalition strives to ensure that adults, children and families receive the help they need to improve their literacy skills.


In Palm Beach County, more than half of all third graders are not reading on grade level and 22% of adults aged 16 and older lack basic literacy skills and can‘t fill out a job application or read a bus schedule. By providing services to 55,967 adults, children and families each year, the Literacy Coalition’s goal is for every child and every adult in Palm Beach County to be able to read.

The Stories and STEM program brings literature-based science, technology, engineering and math lessons to children in afterschool and summer camp programs. Through hands-on activities, children can make tangible connections between the topic and the text, both fiction and non-fiction.

The Read! Lead! Succeed! program provides literacy-based experiences designed to foster leadership, well-being and life skills for youth enrolled in afterschool and summer programs. Through reading, explicit lessons, discussion and engaging, hands-on activities, youth will have the opportunity to learn and develop multiple aspects of well-being, including self-awareness, self-regulation, and resiliency.

Visit for more details.



Gregg Orenstein, President 

We provide CPR AED First Aid training along with Bleed Control, AED sales and maintenance. We offer emergency action planning to ensure response to life threatening emergencies are organized and actionable.


Improv to Improve, LLC 

Lisa Poskanzer, Director of Joy 

Improv to Improve teaches educators and child care givers how to use improvisation to build on their skills of creating joyful learning and play environments. Improv to Improve uses play as the basis for all teaching and learning. 


Mind Games 

Jenny Levin, Owner/President 

Brain power and fun collide in Mind Games! Join us as we play exciting, educational, 

SCREEN-FREE games. Our S.T.E.M. based games go beyond the “screen“and provide challenging hands-on experiences while fostering positive social relationships. Studies show that learning through play will expand cognitive abilities and develop important life skills.  

During each class our well trained Playologist's will bring an educational-based game that begins and ends with stimulating and interactive lessons. Once students learn how to play the game, they will have approximately 30 minutes to play in small groups with their peers.   

S.T.E.M. education is a great launching pad for curiosity, investigation, critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving. Our inquiry-driven lessons create an environment that stimulates learning through questioning, exploring, and creating. 


  • Cognitive Processing Speed 
  • Focus & Attention 
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Trial & Error 
  • Sensory Integration 
  • Life Skills 



Nathalie Caycedo, Executive Director 

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to support individuals and communities thrive and build fulfilling lives through resources that nurture their overall sense of well-being, foster healing from trauma, build healthy relationships, and develop emotional resilience. 

We provide emotional resilience programs for children and youth, workshops for youth, families and professionals that work with children and youth, community engagement festivals, and personalized one-on-one coaching and mentoring. 


STEM in a Box® 

Angela Rivenbark, Director of Sales Operations and Customer Service 

STEM in a Box® is a turnkey STEM solution that includes everything you need to transform your STEM program. Each STEM in a Box® includes standards-aligned curriculum written by experienced, certified teachers, hardy, reusable tools, and on-going training for your staff. The hands-on, exploratory nature of STEM in a Box® engages students while they develop foundational STEM skills across the Stations of STEM®. With nearly fifty programs for Early Learners through High School, our motto of STEM Access for All is a reality!


Mad Science of Palm Beach 

Nadia Sorocka, Operations Manager 

Mad Science of Palm Beach has been offering S.T.E.M enrichment - through hands-on workshops, interactive shows, and exciting after-school programs - for over 10 years to children in preschool to elementary school. We offer curriculum based programs that foster a love of learning as well as critical thinking, problem solving and team engagement skills that will allow students to become the STEM innovators of tomorrow. All of our staff is highly trained, background checked and most importantly love teaching children science. 


S&S Worldwide Inc 

Lisa Tripoli, Key Account Manager 

S&S Worldwide is a family owned business with over 100 years experience supporting the after school and summer camp markets with products that range from early childcare, Education, STEM, SEL, Family Engagement, arts & crafts as well as games and sports equipment.


Tennis Time For Kids 

Calvin Cannon, Owner 

Welcome to our revitalizing youth community sports program! After School, Enrichment and Sports camps activities. We believe in empowering young athletes through teamwork, skill-building, and fun. Our program offers diverse sports activities tailored to each child's interests and abilities, fostering physical fitness and personal growth. Through experienced coaching and supportive environments, we cultivate values of sportsmanship, discipline, and resilience. Join us to inspire a generation of confident, healthy, and passionate individuals ready to tackle life's challenges in or out of sports activities!


The Reef Institute 

Charis Peterson, Education Coordinator, Coral Biologest 

 The Reef Institute (TRI) was initially established in 2016 to promote ocean health and environmental stewardship but shifted focus to coral conservation in 2018 due to Florida's coral reef crisis. Coral reefs face threats like climate change, disease, and human impact.  


In response to the critical condition of coral reefs in the Caribbean, TRI underscores the significance of education, research, and restoration initiatives to combat coral reef deterioration. The Reef Institute, situated in West Palm Beach, adopts a comprehensive strategy for conservation, giving equal importance to education, research, and restoration. Their efforts are concentrated on Palm Beach County and the Caribbean to establish a holistic approach from rescue to reef. TRI stands out as the sole non-profit organization dedicated to coral conservation in Palm Beach County, committed to bridging the gap from education to innovation and further. 


The Talented Teen Club 

Shawn HoHingKing, President 

The Talented Teen Club (TTC) has been planting seeds of self-esteem in South Florida for 19 years. TTC reaches, teaches, guides, and inspires underserved youth towards healthy living. The club engages local youth in year-round programming that addresses their academic, nutritional, physical, and interpersonal needs. They offer free tutoring, mentorships, social activities, athletic programs, vocational courses, free hygiene products, and a range of other innovative services and programs to over 1,000 local youth annually. 


Youth Speak Out International 

William King, CEO/Executive Director 

Youth Speak Out International is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving children and youth a voice through collaborative media production and the creative use of screen technologies (e.g., tablets, smartphones, and laptops). As a result of our innovative, hands-on curricula, children learn to become proficient digital citizens, as they discover and share their life’s purpose.

YSO INT was created to address the need for media literacy programming to educate youth and families on how they are impacted by media messages and to give them a platform to promote collaboration instead of division.

Our Mission is to empower youth and families within culturally diverse communities to use their voice for global change by teaching media literacy, strengthening communication skills, fostering face-to-face collaboration, and providing a platform for the creative use and effective management of screen technology.

We envision a world in which empowered youth with strong human connections live with purpose to build a vibrant global community.