Afterschool Symposium 2019

Workshop Information and Powerpoints


Authentically Engaging Youth
Neese Parker, Youth Engagement Manager, Youthprise
Claire Dunlap, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Youthprise

In this workshop, participants learned to collaborate with young people to re-imagine and shift their field of work. Together, participants learned how having an anti-racist intersectional approach not only helps build authentic relationships with youth and the broader community, but it helps sustain those relationships. Together, we will fight against tokenism and paternalism to re-imagine what it means to be a professional recognizing and partnering with powerful young minds.


Digital Addiction Prevention
William Desravines, Program Facilitator, Youth Speak Out International

This workshop addressed the need to self-regulate the use of on-screen technology and the negative impact digital addiction creates in today’s society. This hands-on workshop empowered participants to build empathetic environments that promote positive communication. Participants acquired skills to build cognitive development in youth through participating in interactive activities formulating strategies and solutions to enable children and families to communicate face-to-face.

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Empathy in Action: Methods
Laenne Thompson, Director, Field Services, David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality

This workshop focused on ways to encourage youth to relate to others with acceptance and sensitivity to diverse perspectives and experiences. Participants explored the definition of empathy, learn strategies and methods to support development of these skills in youth and assess and identify next steps to support this work in the out-of-school time setting.

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Inspiring Adult and Youth Connections through SEL
Andrew Kramer, Adult Learning Specialist, Committee for Children

This play-based session on “building your relationships” toolkit offered engaging practitioner and research perspectives on the intentional and explicit integration of social and emotional learning (SEL)-based activities into building and branding site teams’ and programs’ relational climate. This session was perfect for practitioners committed to building a strong culture of SEL within their programs.


Ready, Set, Escape!
Patricia Packard, Afterschool Site Director, Golden Grove Elementary Afterschool Program

This workshop gave participants the basics of creating a fun and challenging escape for your youth! Did you ever breakout of an Escape Room in the allotted time? Excited about your success? Youth get excited over successes as well. A classroom, afterschool or camp Escape Room may be the challenge they need to stretch their skills in a safe, cooperative environment that engages them from the minute they enter the room until the time that they escape!

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Spark Social Change with Social Emotional Learning While Having Fun

Denis Estimon, Founder & CEO, We Dine Together

With the centering idea that “students don’t need explanations, they need examples,” participants learned how to educate others with social and emotional learning (SEL) and life principles using fun and engaging activities.  Participants were challenged to think about how to strategically implement SEL activities and answer four key questions that will help to assess the SEL efforts within their own programs. Real life examples were shared to inspire and ground participants in the real world application of SEL..


The RACE to Equity in Out-of-School Programs

Michelle Hagues-Fullwood, M.S., Program Manager, Children’s Services Council of Broward County
Dr. Keisha Grey, Ed.D., Strategy Manager, Children’s Services Council of Broward County

Presenters from the Children’s Services Council of Broward County shared information on the Implicit Bias and Local History Workshop that has been presented to partners in the community. Participants learned how they have found implicit bias showing up in afterschool programs and how participants might use strategies  to reduce implicit bias in their afterschool programs.

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Trauma Informed Care through Healing Centered Practices
Debbie Blas, M.S.W, Program Manager, ExpandED Schools

In this session, participants deepened their understanding of the core concept of trauma, and the physical and emotional impact of traumatic experiences on student’s behavior and future health outcomes. Practitioners were introduced to strategies and approaches that can be used to create safe and secure out-of-school time experiences.

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