Prime Time Offers Site-Based Professional Development Trainings

If your out-of-school time (OST) program has staff members who are interested in professional development, Prime Time can schedule a trainer to deliver a training at your program. 


  • Team with another OST program for a site-based training to meet the attendance requirement.  
  • Trainings are offered in-person and virtually.  
  • Requested training may not be available; Prime Time will work with the program to find alternate dates.  


  • Must request one month in advance. 
  • Must have equipment (laptop, projector, screen, flipchart) available for in-person trainings. 
  • Participants of virtual trainings must have their own device (computer or smartphone) and must be logged in their own device with camera on. 
  • Programs requesting site-based training must be able to provide adequate space, following safety guidelines for in-person training offerings. 

Click here to view the Site-based Training Request Form

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