Afterschool Directors Leave the Inauguration of a New School Year at Prime Time Gathering with Smiles and Desire to Implement Lessons Learned 

Every year Prime Time Palm Beach County calls afterschool directors who are participating in the Palm Beach County Quality Improvement System to a gathering to network, learn and engage in interactive activities they can use back at their programs. More than 100 afterschool directors joined in-person on Friday, September 2, 2022, for the first time in three years at the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center. As attendees joined the event, they were split up into groups and given direction on where to begin their morning journey through five rooms designed to mirror afterschool clubs.  

  • The Ready, Set Go Club included activities around creating lesson plans, scheduling and engaging youth with cooperative groups.  
  • The Homework Club brought attendees through Prime Time’s current offerings and incentives. 
  • The Let’s Play Club offered afterschool directors directions for effective transitions and engaging gross motor activities with youth. 
  • The Leadership Club helped directors think about their expectations for staff at their program and a review of the expectations of participation in Quality Improvement System.  
  • The Lights Camera Engagement Club included commonplace activities and creating more engaging experiences. 

“Back-to-basics” was the overarching theme of the day. Despite many places shutting their doors, our unsung heroes have showed up for our children for past three years to ensure children and youth had a safe place to go to every day after school. Prime Time made it its mission to promote positivity and model how to facilitate engaging activities and games so directors could leave feeling energized with resources they could use right away.  

“I am excited to encourage my staff to go back to basics and implement what we know. And for my new staff to learn the way things are done but also providing room for creativity and using their imagination and own ideas. This will set the example for the youth we work with!” – Afterschool Director    

“As I entered each room, I felt an energy I had not felt in so long. Afterschool directors were laughing, having fun; the comradery was contagious. This event was needed as we launch into a new school year; it will truly set the tone for so many. The positivity will transcend to practitioner and child whom the director works with and that, in itself, is an intersection for growth.” Katie Jacob, Director of Communications, Prime Time Palm Beach County  

The full event was captured and can be viewed by clicking here

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