Prime Time Offers Training Stipends to Out-of-school Time Practitioners

To keep out-of-school time (OST) practitioners learning so they can continue to improve their practice,  and now, more than ever, provide the high quality experiences for young people, all OST practitioners who are currently working with children and youth in Palm Beach County and complete trainings offered on Prime Time’s training calendar will qualify for a $45 stipend per three-hour training and $25 stipend per 90-minute training. You are qualified for training stipends if you are employed and receiving compensation from your employer. Stipends will be distributed via PayPal and processed after training completion is confirmed.

Prime Time’s trainings will be offered in live in-person, live virtual or site-based or self-paced formats. Registration will take place in the same way we have designed other online offerings. Once registration is confirmed, practitioners will receive an email with instructions on how and when to access the course via ZOOM.

A special thank you to the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County for providing significant funding for Prime Time’s overall operations.

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Please note:

  • You will need internet access and a phone/computer in order to participate. It is recommended that you use a computer and you have video capabilities.
  • To ensure you are prepared and familiar with Zoom, please check your system requirements prior to the session at the following link:

Questions & Answers

Q.  Will I still receive a stipend if I’m currently being paid by my place of employment?

A. Yes, if you are currently working with children in an out-of-school time program in Palm Beach County and have successfully completed a Prime Time training, you will be qualified to receive a stipend.  

Q.  Are directors, assistant directors, and other OST practitioners who are not considered front line staff eligible for this stipend ? 

A. Yes, any OST practitioner who is working with youth and has successfully completed a Prime Time training.

Q. For the two-part series training, will practitioners receive a stipend for part 1 and another stipend for part 2, or just one stipend upon completing the two part series? 

A. Practitioners will get paid after the completion of each part in the series.

Q. What happens if a practitioner finishes in less than or more than the 3 hours self-paced trainings are credited for? 

A. Practitioners will still receive 3 hours total, regardless of whether they finish early or need a little more time. 

Q. What happens once the 25 seat attendance has been reached for online trainings? 

A. Online trainings will be closed for registration once 25 practitioners have registered. We will be then add additional practitioners to a waitlist and using this data to determine if multiple sections need to be opened for trainings. There will be additional trainings, not currently listed at this time. 

Q.  How will practitioners be paid upon completion of online trainings?  

A. Once registered, practitioners will be given directions on how payments will be made via PayPal. 

Published March 25, 2020.

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