The Power of Music in Afterschool

On April 27, 2022, Washington Elementary Afterschool Program presented its Spring Concert. It was an evening filled with song from the Prime Time Young Singers Choir under the leadership of Music Teacher LaToya Wilson. Music selections included “The Power of Music,” “Our Place in the Choir,” “Sambalele,” a Brazilian Folk Song and “Hold On,” a traditional spiritual.

Part two of the programming included “Chatter with the Angel”, a traditional spiritual by Sandra Eithun, a drumming piece “Take Time in Life” and a little Marimba Mojo to name a few. The program was extensive with voice, Orff instruments, drumming and ukuleles.

The Prime Time Young Singers Choirs provide children and youth in afterschool an opportunity to explore various aspects of musicianship, world cultures, emotions, linguistics and teamwork at no cost to the programs. Each session includes activities that develop a natural singing body alignment, freedom of breath, development of intonation, ease of personal vocal freedom using music from various periods and genres. Benefits of singing include the enhancement of social, mental and emotional health of participating children and youth. Studies show that singing increases self-confidence and self-esteem and fosters leadership skills and ultimately develops good citizens.

“It has been a brilliant year of music with the reopening of Washington Elementary in their new school last fall. The lessons learned will shape lives forever. Thank you to Prime Time Palm Beach County and the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County for supporting arts and culture in afterschool programming. Congratulations to the youth for their dedication and growth in music education.” – Lucy Dwyer, Young Singers of the Palm Beaches