Online Safety Tips for Families

With COVID-19 causing widespread disruptions in our everyday lives, children across the country are being given alternate online resources to do in their new spare time (i.e. virtual summer camp). As we enter into summer and children and youth have more down time than ever before, its critical for parents and caregivers to ensure their families are safe from online dangers. Below are online safety tips for families to consider when going online.

  1. Screen Time/Application Usage/Web Camera Usage – Limit and oversee usage by using installing software to apply parental controls
  2. Computers –  Place in a public area of the home where content can be closely monitored
  3. Internet – Set browsers to the strictest privacy settings possible
  4. Operating System and Antivirus Software – Ensure they are installed and updated
  5. Passwords – Set to be very complex.  A parent or guardian can enter it, or use a password management service (i.e. Lastpass)
  6. Applications – Install with an administrator account, which is controlled by the parent or guardian.   This will allow parents to approve what is being downloaded and installed
  7. Online dangers –  Discuss with child so they are informed of what to do if they see inappropriate content/people
  8. Video Conferencing – When using video conferencing platforms, set the browsers security and privacy settings to the most restrictive level possible to avoid third party tracking cookies
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