Welcome to Food Forest & Friends!

In this first session, we will compare the nutrition facts of foods in your home to what we have growing in the Food Forest! Who has the most nutritious foods?!? Speaking of nutrition – did you know that tacos can be nutritious? Oh yeah! Learn how to make garden tacos with us!  

And since we are a global community, we want to learn from our friends all around the world! Learn Japanese with our friend Yoshi-sensei!  

There will be so much great plant information each week. Grab a piece of paper to make a Food Forest Plant Encyclopedia! Each week you can add to your library!  


Materials Needed: 

  • a food item packaged in a box, bag, or can that you find in your home
  • the most nutritious food in your house  
  • a blank piece of paper, letter size  
  • writing utensil 


 Facilitated by: