Wonderful World of Wiggly Worms

Our wiggly worm friends are some of the best composters on the planet, helping to create soil and fertilizer to help your garden or hydroponics grow! Through this DIY vermipost bin class, you will learn, create, and play as you become worm wranglers and sustainability stewards! Build your own worm farm to start composting food scraps. 


  • 2- plastic drinking cups (These can be reused cups from Starbucks, Dunkin, Wendy’s, etc.)   
  • 2 sheets – newspaper or notebook paper  
  • ¾”-1” Hard spacer (Legos, bottle caps, cork, rock, etc.)  
  • Scissors  
  • Rubber band  
  • Old T-shirt or wash cloth  
  • Small cup of water  
  • Red Wiggler worms (you can purchase worms from Walmart, Bait & Tackle shop, Amazon, or dig up from your yard!)  
  • Worm Journal Worm Journal Print Out 


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