Thu, September 12, 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Children\’s Services Council of Palm Beach County

2300 High Ridge Road

Boynton Beach ,

The Progressive Afterschool Practitioner

This training is part of a series. Participants are REQUIRED TO REGISTER AND ATTEND BOTH PARTS 1 and 2 and complete assignments in between trainings. Please note the dates for each module:

The Progressive Afterschool Practitioner is a training designed to heighten a practitioner’s insight into their own professional development. It infuses facets of job satisfaction with professional development planning. By reflecting on individual strengths and areas of growth, an afterschool practitioner is challenged to create a plan for professional development by using the Core Competencies for Afterschool Practitioners as a guide.

Core Competencies Addressed
Core Knowledge Area – Professional Development and Leadership:
7.A: Demonstrate professionalism and uphold ethical standards and other professional guidelines in the field – Entry Level, Level 1 and 2.
7.B: Integrate reflective practices and critical perspectives on personal performance, including goal setting – Entry Level, Level 1 and 2.
7.C: Engage in continuous learning and improvement through involvement in professional development, advocacy and leadership
opportunities – Entry Level, Level 1 and 2.

Training Objectives
Participants will:
a. Name the specific facts of job satisfaction, and how the application of facets to your current practice can provide leverage to improve reflective practice.
b. Identify the Core Competencies for Afterschool Practitioners and how to use this tool for self-assessment, identifying growth opportunities and setting meaningful goals.
c. Include the knowledge of the facets of job satisfaction and the Core Competencies for Afterschool Practitioners to create relevant and meaningful foals for your professional development.