Wed, February 26, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County


* Teens and the Family Connection (Part 1) Series

Please note: Afterschool practitioners working with middle school youth should register for this training.

Participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND BOTH MODULES. Prime Time is authorized by IACET to offer 0.8 CEUs for completion of this training series.


Today’s families are busier than ever before. The demands of modern life can make it difficult for parents to stay fully involved in their children’s education. Yet, studies have shown that parent involvement is one of the biggest predictors of student success. Family engagement has a life-long impact on the lives of youth and is a critical part of any effort to engage and empower teens. So how can you increase connection with families and involve them more fully in their children’s efforts in your out-of-school time program? This lively two part training provides the answer, along with key principles and strategies to help you actively build strong engagement with the families of the teens with whom you work.


Core Competencies Addressed
Core Knowledge Area – Community and Family Relationships
2. B1: Establish frequent contact with parents through a variety of communication strategies – Level 2.
2. C: Engage families and communities in child/youth development and learning – Level 2.


Training Objectives
Participants will:
a. Describe the social factors and family demands that make maintaining contact with parents a challenge.
b. Identify the five building blocks of strong family involvement.