Summer to Remember 

Try and remember your favorite moment or picture from this summer. Now let’s make it last forever by making our own picture frame out of cardboard. You can use a printed photograph from this summer or draw your favorite moment for the imagery for this picture frame. This can hang on your wall or be given as gift! This craft is probably best for fourth graders and up.   


Materials: *Adult help needed to cut two slits in cardboard. One inch from top and bottom for paper to slide through, no specific dimensions. May want to also help pre-cut paper strips.*

  • Several pieces of cardboard – two pieces need to be bigger than the picture you will use, think 5”x7” or 8”x10”  
  • cardboard scraps for decorating your frame  
  • small doodads you can glue onto your frame (maybe stuff you collected this summer)  
  • liquid or hot glue  
  • scissors (box cutter if used by adult for cutting out the rectangle)   
  • ruler   
  • paper to draw on or printed photograph from the summer   
  • markers/crayons  



  • paint, or other things to add flare to your frame 


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