Wed, June 24, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

STEMExplore Live Event with a Marine Biologist/Coral Reef Ecologist

STEMExplore Guest Mentor: Daniela Escontrela
STEMExplore Host: Kasey Gaylord-Opalewski P
Prime Time Co-Host: Patricia Sasson

Recommended Grades: 4th-8th

Required Pre-Registration Link:

Language: English

Virtual Career Connection with Daniela Escontrela; meet and chat with Dani, a coral reef ecologist, and marine biologist. Learn about her career, how she got started, and what she does every day as she studies coral reefs and marine life. Ask her questions as she tells about her experiences in scuba diving shark research and tortoise studies.

Materials/Documents: June 22.Daniela