Self-Care 101: Yoga for the Entire Family

Born in India and Africa 2,500-10,000 years ago, yoga is a holistic practice that can aid in:

  1. strengthening the heart and body
  2. improving concentration
  3. increasing relaxation
  4. bringing kindness toward self and others

Learn about the true practice of yoga, how it is for everyone, and not a specific body type or “race”/ ethnicity. Practice family-friendly breathing and physical stretches focusing on the neck, shoulders, hips and back that will sync our bodies, mind and breath at the same time, so we can grow to be strong and calm. Take away the emotional benefits to lowering blood pressure, managing arthritis and becoming peaceful in the mind.

Materials Needed: 

  • Your body!
  • Yoga mat or chair, water, journal
  • After session, you’ll receive a list of resources and tools to support yoga as well as other self-care practices


 Facilitated by: