Tue, November 02, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

SEL Academy: SEL VI – Empathetic Communication, Strong Relationships

Prerequisites:  Foundations in SEL, Afterschool professionals from a PSELI pilot school, Prime Time Registry ID


Empathy is a social and emotional competency that is often challenging to embody in a context of competing demands, misbehavior and misunderstanding. In this training, participants will learn basic mindfulness tools to deepen listening, enhance verbal and non-verbal communication, and build more positive, win-win relationships.   Participants will also learn to model empathetic communication in different segments of the Afternoon Meeting, and to apply positive instructor language in their program.


Training Objectives

Participants will

  1. Distinguish between empathy, sympathy, compassion.
  2. Explore empathetic, non-violent and positive communication tools to improve interpersonal relationships with diverse cultural/ethnic groups.
  3. Apply reinforcing, reminding and redirecting language in various staff-youth scenarios.
  4. Practice using restorative questions and circle protocols to build inclusion while dealing with challenges.