Tue, November 16, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

SEL Academy: SEL VIII – A Second Step Ahead

Prerequisites:  Foundations in SEL, Afterschool professionals from a PSELI pilot school, Prime Time Registry ID


Participants will have an opportunity in this final session of the series to share their takeaways from intentionally practicing, modeling and transferring SEL skills from the inside out, and shaping the path forward as they continue to implement SEL practice with youth. Participants will be introduced to Second Step curriculum components, which will provide an opportunity to further enhance youth SEL skills with lesson activities that build brain balance, connect SEL to academic content, and provide structures for sharing and dialogue in the Afternoon Meeting.


Training Objectives

Participants will

  1. Deconstruct learning and implementation of adult SEL skills, explicit instruction and SEL Integration and match to SEL competencies with an equity lens.
  2. Integrate SEL both in dedicated SEL time and throughout regular program schedule.
  3. Envision and devise an implementation plan that embeds SEL and diversity, equity, inclusion to meet needs of youth.