Tue, October 05, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

SEL Academy: SEL II – Foundations in SEL II

Prerequisites: Foundations in SEL, Afterschool professionals from a PSELI pilot school, Prime Time Registry ID


Does sitting in a circle really help youth to feel more connected to each other? Helping students to be a part of a daily Afternoon Meeting and not disrupting it can vary with each child.  This interactive training will provide advanced strategies and techniques to unlock the deeper intention and power of circles as a structure for community building both in and out of Afternoon Meeting sessions. Participants will also continue their exploration and self-inquiry process into self-awareness and self-regulation as a foundational skill for effective adult SEL practice.


Training Objectives

Participants will

  1. Define, share, and reflect on integrated identities, and implicit bias in order to deepen adult SEL practice in self-awareness.
  2. Practice an Afternoon Meeting lesson using Responsive Classroom approach and Second Step activity.
  3. Apply community-building circle protocols in adult and youth interaction.
  4. Create SMARTIE goals for personal and professional growth in self-and social awareness.