Wed, May 13, 2020
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PBC-PQA Basics – Part 1 (Self Paced Online $)

Participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND BOTH TRAININGS in the series.
After registering for this training, please go back to Prime Time’s website and register for PBC-PQA Basics Online – Part 2 on May 28th


This engaging and interactive self-paced online training will provide practitioners with the tools and resources needed to conduct a programmatic self-assessment back at their program using the Palm Beach County Program Quality Assessment tool (or PBC-PQA).  While an external assessment can supply practitioners with a wealth of valuable information about the quality of their program, being able to conduct the self-assessment process is also very valuable and a best practice within a continuous quality improvement model.     By exploring the “quality construct” of the PBC-PQA, participants will learn how to generate precise anecdotal evidence through keen observation and objective note-taking skills and how to use this information for continuous quality improvement purposes.


PBC-PQA Basics Online will take approximately 2-3 hours in total to complete, depending on one’s familiarity with the content and online training process.  Practitioners should plan their time accordingly as they will have a two week window (5/13/20-5/27/20) to complete the coursework.  One’s progress will be saved along the way if multiple days or blocks of time are needed to complete.


Core Competencies Addressed
Core Knowledge Area – Program Planning and Development:
3.B: Promote program improvement and sustainability through strategic planning, goal setting, needs assessments and evaluations EntryLevel, Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.


Core Knowledge Area – Learning Environment and Curriculum
4.A: Design and implement a curriculum to support physical development – Entry Level, Level 1 and 2.
4.B: Design and implement a curriculum to enhance cognitive development – Entry Level, Level 1 and 2
4.C: Design and implement a curriculum to support social and emotional development – Entry Level, Level 1 and 2


Primary QIS Scales Addressed
All QIS scales are addressed.