Tue, April 21, 2020
9:00 am - 12:00 pm




OST Leadership Part 3- Progressive Afterschool Director 2 (Online Zoom)

Participants are REQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL FOUR MODULES and complete assignments in between trainings. Please note the dates for each module: By registering for this training, you are committing to all four dates. After the first training, you will be sent the link to RSVP for each module separately.

  • 3/20/20: OST Leadership Part 1 – Introduction – A one-hour self-paced online session
  • 4/2/20: OST Leadership Part 2- Progressive Afterschool Director 1
  • 4/21/20: OST Leadership Part 3- Progressive Afterschool Director 2
  • 5/5/20: OST Leadership Part 4- Wrap Up – a follow-up live online session


After completing Progressive Afterschool Director Part one, the third training of the OST Leadership series is designed to help you facilitate professional development planning with your OST staff. During the Progressive Afterschool Director Part 2 training, you will review leadership styles and focus on how to best utilize your style to lead optimal, balanced and effective programs. You will explore some strategies based on the MBTI and other well-established leadership models that can be used to build the core competencies of OST professionals in your program.


Core Competencies Addressed
Core Knowledge Area – Professional Development and Leadership:
7.B: Integrate reflective practices and critical perspectives on personal performance, including goal setting – Level 3 and 4.
7.C: Engage in continuous learning and improvement through involvement in professional development, advocacy and leadership opportunities – Level 3 and 4.


Training Objectives
Participants will:
a. Evaluate their OST Leadership Plan and revise accordingly.
b. Illustrate how OST leadership style relates to program culture and effectiveness.
c. Integrate mentoring strategies based on MBTI leadership type to create an optimally balanced program culture.
d. Utilize the Core Competencies to assist staff in professional development planning.