Meet a Scientist

Come explore the vastness of the cosmos and the wonder of the stars with astrophysicist Jeremy Kowkabany. How many stars are there in the universe? How are they born? How do they die? How are black holes formed? Will our sun die one day? These and many more questions will be discussed as together we consider the shocking mysteries of the universe! Jeremy is a recent graduate from the University of Florida Department of Astrophysics and has partnered with Scientist in Every Florida School to provide you with a virtual tour of the cosmos.  

Scientist in Every Florida School, part of the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute and the Florida Museum of Natural History, is a free program for Florida’s K-12 public schools with a mission to engage students and teachers in cutting-edge research by providing science role models and experiences that inspire the future stewards of our planet. The University of Florida Department of Astronomy is proud to help Scientist in Every Florida School to advance the next generation’s knowledge of and interest in the universe.   



  • paper
  • small amount of sand (or salt) if possible  


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