Junk Robots 

Join Connie from Resource Depot in collecting recyclable materials from around the house and create your own shiny new robots! They can be as big or as small as you like. Try collecting materials before class!   


Materials: *Have an adult help you collect old materials that no one is using around the house (make sure it’s ok to use what you find) such as, but not limited to:   

  • toilet paper or paper towel rolls (or old tissue/cereal box)  
  • recycled materials: old buttons, old toy pieces (even broken ones!) bottle caps, scraps of craft foam or paper, stickers, cotton balls…  
  • tin foil  
  • pipe cleaners or straws (or twigs from the yard)  
  • glue/tape  
  • scissors  

Junk Robots  


  • paint
  • goggle eyes
  • stickers


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